Michael J. Oswald has published four books, which he wrote and illustrated, most recently, Serious Stories for Children: Special People. There were two previous versions with different stories in 1978 and 2002. For the 2002 version of Serious Stories for Children, Mr. Oswald redesigned it on the computer. There were five stories in the 2002 Serious Stories. Dear Jenny is a series of Growing Up stories written for his daughter, Jenny. They include Your Arrival,Getting Bigger and Your First Big Adventure. Going to School and Jenny Looks for God. Your Arrival was included in Dear Jenny, but the others are available as.pdf downloads only for $1.99. His other published book is Three Years Apart, about sibling relationships. We provide links to purchase the books at Buy Books on the Web, Infinity Publishing's book store, but are offering individual stories as free .pdfs. There is also an ebook of Serious Stories for Children.  I Have A Brother With Autism was written by a school-aged sibling of a boy who had autism and was a client of Mr. Oswald. 

Serious Stories for Children: Special People by Michael J. Oswald

Serious Stories
for Children:
Special People
includes four stories
about children
with special
needs and how
they manage
their lives.
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3 Years Apart by Michael J. Oswald

3 Years Apart is about
a new sibling joining
a family.
 Dear Jenny Growing Uo Stories by Michael J. Oswald

Dear Jenny is the first
published story of the
Growing Up stories
Mr. Oswald writes
to his daughter
First Serious Stories for Children by Michael J. Oswald

This Serious Stories
for Children (2002)
includes five stories
about real life
situations any child
could face: a toy
their parents won't
buy for them;
friends who have
a fight; how
one feels when a
friend gets hurt
Dear Jenny Your Arrival by Michael J. Oswald

Your Arrival is extracted
from the Dear Jenny
book, but we offer
it separately.


Dear Jenny Going to School by Michael J. Oswald

Dear Jenny
Going to School
was not published.
Many will identify
with this story
of a five-year old
moving from
preschool to Kindergarten


Dear Jenny Jenny Looks for God by Michael J. Oswald

Jenny Looks for God.
Jenny begins to ask
about God and
her parents try
their best
to answer.  Available
as a download only.


Jenny's New Pet

Jenny's New Pet.
Jenny deals with
the loss of a
beloved pet
and the search
for a new one. Available
as a download only.


My Friend Ted by Michael J. Oswald

My Friend Ted
is included in
Serious Stories
for Children:
People. It is told
through the eyes
of a boy whose
friend's brother
is a special needs child.


I Feel takes
the reader through
the different moods of
Kelly, Carlos and Jose.


A Boy Named Monk is among four stories in Michael J. Oswald

A Boy Named Monk
was written with
a nine-year old client.
Monk gets mad if
things are not just
right and must learn
to manage his anger
and feelings.


I Have A Brother With Autism by Michael J. Oswald 

I Have a Brother
with Autism was
written by a school-aged
child about how she deals
with her brother's autism.
The boy was a client
of Mr. Oswald. This is not
for sale.
I Have A Brother
with Autism .pdf
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